The Open Data Registry of Sierra Leone allows the public to view and comment on national data shared by the government.

You can search for and explore current datasets, as well as create visualizations.

Sierra Leone Elections

Contains data related to the elections of Sierra Leone; Local Council, Parliamentary and Presidential...

Governance, Justice and Security

Data of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Attorney General, Ministry of Justice,...

Physical Infrastructure & Energy

Data related to the Ministry of Works, Housing and Infrastructure, Ministry of Water Resources,Ministry of...

Social Services and Human Development

Data of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation,Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Labour and Social Security,...


Data Related to the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security,...

Public Administration

Data of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministry of Finance and Economic...

Private Sector

Data about business in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone to celebrate First Data Festival at the Miatta Conference Center in Freetown

Sierra Leoneans searching for solutions to promote sustainable national development

Across Sierra Leone, there are signs of a slowdown in number of Ebola cases reported. However, in the western part of the country, Ebola transmission remains intense and is currently considered the “hotspot” of the West African outbreak.

This data, from the World Health Organization, depicts the location and status of laboratories that are actively testing samples of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) for verification.

We recently met Ebola survivor Alfred Pujeh, one of the dedicated staff who look after vulnerable children while they are under quarantine for Ebola, at Sierra Leone’s new Observational Interim Care Centres. He and other workers around the country are also helping to wage one key battle in the fight against Ebola – with their phones.