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Welcome to Open Data Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone’s Open Data Portal will increase transparency and accountability across Government by bringing Government activities closer to citizens. This ‘one stop shop’ is expected to be a major data hub for all things Sierra Leone spanning from data on the fight against corruption to a platform for the public to meaningfully engage with Government. The establishment of the Open Data Portal is one of the Commitments in Sierra Leone’s first Open Government Partnership Action Plan. At the forefront of the minds of its architects was a need to further open government by improving information asymmetries and increasing access for all. The portal is for citizens, civil society organizations, development partners, researchers, Government officials, tourists, etc to exchange information about Sierra Leone in a transparent, inexpensive and interactive manner. The ODP is a free and open platform for Government to communicate with the public and get feedback from citizens on Government activities. We hope it will positively impact perceptions of the Government’s commitment on the fight against corruption and transparency.

We intend to grow this website to meet the needs of its users and while we have initial data priorities based on Sierra Leone’s Agenda for Prosperity, we expect that your feedback will drive the data agenda. We hope that the Portal will further hold Government accountable to the needs of citizens, but more importantly, we hope that it is a forum for knowledge and information exchange for Sierra Leoneans and the public at large.

Knowledge is power, and, harnessed by civic engagement, it becomes a force for good.