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Sierra Leone NERC Ebola Care Facilities Master List

This spreadsheet is the best understanding at this point in time of the numbers of Ebola care facilities in Sierra Leone, their details and types. This data has been compiled from a number of sources, namely the Case Management Pillar, the District Ebola Response Centres, donors and partners. A new information you can find is the list of facilities recommended by MOH for immediate closure and decontamination and others for scaling down. There may be some errors and omissions for which systems and processes are being stood up within the NERC to address. NERC recommends that you filter out Status - unknown and closed facilities from the summary bed totals. There is also a data dictionary, printer friendly table and a pivot summary worksheet included for your information. Facilities are categorised with the following types: Ebola Treatment Units (ETU) Ebola Holding Centres (EHC) Community Care Centres (CCC)

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