Open Data Sierra Leone is an open data management platform for the Government to communicate with the public and get feedback from citizens on Government activities. It is a ‘one stop shop’ and a major data hub for the Government of Sierra Leone and its Citizens. It treats data as content so that Government Institutions can easily publish, manage and maintain open data.

The primary focus is on government accountability, openness and increasing citizen participation while providing the tangible benefit of providing a national resource for public-use datasets, including national budgets, agricultural data, mining leases, parliamentary laws and other easily identifiable government data.

The Sierra Leone Open Data Portal

The Sierra Leone Open Data Portal was initially setup in 2015 under the Open Data Program and was relaunched in March 2017, with the aim of increasing transparency, creating economic value, and facilitating data-driven policymaking. All Sierra Leone Government institutions are encouraged to make their data publicly available whenever possible.

Data and resources on the this portal can be reused free of charge and without any copyright restrictions, provided that the source is acknowledged. Some data may be subject to specific conditions on reuse, most of which have to do with protecting third-party intellectual property rights.


Contact and Enquiries

Email: info@opendatasl.gov.sl 

Mobile: +232 (076) 340 366 / +232 (076) 613 504

Open Data Council Sierra Leone 
8th Floor, Youyii Building
Sierra Leone