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The Ministry of Health & Sanitation (MoHS) believes that access to sound health is a human right, its vision is to ensure a functional national health system delivering efficient, high quality health care services that are accessible, equitable and affordable for everybody in Sierra Leone and the overall goal is to maintain and improve the health of its citizens.

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Data Verification - Antenatal Care 1st Visit

In a sample of health facilities, it is likely to find some facilities that over-report (VF < 1.0) and some that under-report (VF > 1.0). Summarizing the VFs across health facilities involves adding the recounted (or validated) values and dividing by the sum of the reported values across facilities. This tends to mask, or wash out, the degree of over- and under-reporting in the sample. Although the VFs will trend toward 1.0, or a perfect match, when summarizing across health facilities (particularly in the absence of systematic over- or under-reporting) and when calculated for a large enough sample, the VF is an accurate representation of the accuracy of reporting for  all sites offering the service in a country. It is therefore instructive to calculate the percentage of sites that over- or under-report to a significant degree.

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