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The National Minerals Agency is a government institution established by an act of parliament in 2012. The NMA is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the Mines and Minerals Act (2009) and other mining acts and related regulations. This includes responsibility for mineral rights management, collecting and disseminating geological information and regulating the trading of precious minerals.

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The Sierra Leone Minerals Policy

The Minerals Policy was prepared as part of series of legal, regulatory and institutional reforms introduced by the Government to ensure that Sierra Leone maximizes gains from its mineral resource endowments.

These reforms include: the establishment of the National Minerals Agency (NMA) and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the enactment of the Mines and Minerals Act 2009, the Public Financial Management Act 2016, the Extractive Industries Revenue Act 2018 and improvements in transparency and accountability mechanisms for the minerals sector. In furtherance of these reforms, the Core Minerals Policy of 2003 is now being replaced by this Sierra Leone Minerals Policy of 2018.

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