Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security

Key Statistics

Land Area Under Food Crops Cultivation by District

Agricultural household heads provided information about the total land area under cultivation for each of the six main food crops. The total land area of 3,244,214 hectares (ha) under food production, just over three-quarters were used to cultivate these six crops. The largest percentage was used for upland rice production (35 per cent), with 17.3 per cent for lowland rice cultivation, 10.6 per cent for cassava cultivation, 9.2 per cent for groundnut cultivation and a combined land area of 2.4 per cent for sweet potato and maize cultivation.

Distribution of livestock owned by agricultural households by Districts

The chart shows a percentage distribution of livestock owned by agricultural households by District. The ownership of livestock varies by District, based on the vegetation and cultural habits of the inhabitants of a particular District.