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Surgical Services - Comprehensive Surgical Services

Ministry of Health & Sanitation (MoHS)

    Hospitals are expected to offer comprehensive surgical services. Fifty-four (54) hospitals were assessed and 87% reported offering comprehensive surgical services. However, reporting on the availability of specific surgical procedures ranged...

    Number of Livestock by District

    Statistics Sierra Leone

      In Sierra Leone the total livestock production is as follows: 4,316,349 (65.2%) are chicken, 814,269 (12.3%) are goats, 574,706 (8.7%) are sheep, 465,817 (7 .0%) are cattle, 396,103 (6.0%) and 57,877 (0.9%) are ducks and pig respectively. The...

      Availability of health infrastructure- Basic Amenities

      Ministry of Health & Sanitation (MoHS)

        The assessment of basic amenities in the 14 districts was based on the following tracer items: power (grid or generator), improved water source, room with privacy, adequate sanitation facilities, communication equipment, access to computer with...

        Quality of care of ANC services

        Ministry of Health & Sanitation (MoHS)

          Records for ANC and for delivery and newborn care were reviewed for key elements of ANC services, delivery services, and immediate postpartum care. Six hundred fifty-two (652) records at 132 facilities were reviewed for women receiving ANC and...