Sierra Leone to celebrate First Data Festival at the Miatta Conference Center in Freetown

The Right to Access Information Commission in collaboration with the Open Data Council and the Ministry of Information and Communications with support from the Open Aid Partnership of the World Bank and other partnersare organizing a two-day datafest to raise the awareness of Open Data and its importance to economic development through a multi stakeholder process on Thursday and Friday, April 21 - 22, 2016 at 10 a.m. A Preamble to that event will be a symposium celebrating International Open Data Day on March 5, 2016 and an ideathon in the afternoon followed by scrapeathon sessions to kickstart the Hackathon process which ends on April 22.

The Hackathon with mentorship from Code4Africa and local partners will encourage young developers and coders in Information Technology to develop their own "do-it-yourself" projects over 6 weeks on specific topics to include peacebuilding and state-building, the Sustainable Development Goals, exposing gender-based violence, land and women’s rights, academia, agriculture, legal aid, the judiciary and freedom of information. A consortium of the aforementioned organizations recognize that the promotion of Open Data following the recently conducted Open Data Readiness Assessment, will help raise awareness and create the necessary interest from government, civil society, academia, the private sector and the ordinary Sierra Leonean. WHO: Right to Access Information Commission, Open Data Council and the Ministry of Information and Communications

The Open Data Festival project is one of a plethora of grassroots service projects that will take place across the nation this year and beyond in response to the Presidential Commitment to open government.The Festival aims at expanding the impact of existing open data organizations and engaging the wider eco-system of open data.The Datafest will also feature world-class roster of speakers and open data experts committed to promoting the sharing and use of data for socio- economic growth in Sierra Leone and the world at large. The RAIC in Sierra Leone, has a clear mandate to make information available to the masses by increasing the supply of open data to the extent possible. In a similar manner, the RAIC is poised to improve on data accessibility by the masses and to make them aware of what rights they have in gaining such access thus addressing the demand side of the equation.

For more information, contact Commissioner Yeama Thompson on email: or tel: 00232 79 107752 and the Sierra Leone Open Data Portal at